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Unit 1: The Relationships between POWER AND AUTHORITY-and its Impact on the Rule of Law
Analyzing Two Competing Quotes on Power/Authority (DO NOW) (10m)

CLO: SWBAT: Compare and Contrast different politician’s ideas towards the use of Government Power and Authority by analyzing quotes in small groups.
It’s better to be feared than loved.-Machiavelli He who is to be a good ruler must have first been rule-Aristotle
1. What do you think Machiavelli ‘s Position/View on Power is/ How about Aristotle? (Explain in 2-3 sentences).
Shared (more than one ruler) Absolute (one ruler) Majority /Minority

2. What do you think their Positions on Authority is? In other words what do you think their Authority is based on?
Respect Fear Love Education

3. Individually Read Chapters: On Power and Law__Unit1/3_____ pgs: 4-14; 27-36 (25m)
4. Small Group Discussions: TAKE 15 MINUTES TO DISCUSS
-What is the political relationship between Power and Authority?
-How does Power and Authority Affect the Passing of (Just/Unjust) Laws and Legislation?
-How effective do you think a Machiavellian Ruler would be today (in the U.S.) as a U.S. President?
-Evaluate the effectiveness of Each Ruler-How did each use their power/authority?
5. (15m) PARKING LOT Walkthrough-Respond to questions on Poster Paper-Then write 1 Question you still have or 1 Question you would ask a ruler. Evaluating Rulers (George Washington Hitler Julius Caesar,Obama)

6. Individual Work (20m)
Compare/Contrast- the Political Effectiveness and Leadership of A Machiavellian Ruler vs. A Philosopher King- Create a (Venn Diagram)-Then you need to Defend which kind of Ruler would be more Politically Effective for their citizens’ interests.
7. Exit: (15m)
“In a democracy the poor will have more power than the rich, because there are more of them, and the will of the majority is supreme”.-Aristotle (Support with Government Documents as well-Bill of Rights) (3 paragraphs)
The US Government claims to be the Most Free, Modern Day Democracy in the World. In your opinion, does Aristotle’s beliefs about the distribution of power hold true for the American people today? Do the poor have more power than the rich because they are the majority? Explain why or why not and how a Ruler’s beliefs and attitudes towards Power and Authority can impact their citizens’ political and economic freedoms.