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Earth’s Energy Budget and the Greenhouse Effect

Analyze Figure 2 on Page E50. Discuss it with the people at your table. What does it explain? What do you find surprising or interesting? What does the red writing represent in Figure 2? The purple? The green? As a group, write down your reflection and be prepared to discuss it as a larger group.

Global Warming

Your group will be assigned a short section of the book to

summarize for the class. Be sure to talk about any pictures or graphics in your section. They are:

“The Earth’s Energy Budget” (E52)

“What are Greenhouse Gases” (E129)

“The Carbon Cycle” (E130)

“Carbon Dioxide and Climate” (E131)
You will write down the key points in your section. Also, use at least one direct quotation from the textbook. After each group will teach their section to the rest of the class giving them notes they can use in their notebook.