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For this assignment, you and your group will make an informational poster detailing one nonrenewable energy resource. This will be a small poster someone could read to help them understand a fossil fuel like coal, petroleum, or natural gas.

Things to include in your poster:

  1. Background information: What is it made of? How was it formed? Where is it? What do we use it for? Is it abundant?
  2. Problems/Solutions: Point out problems with using this fossil fuel and how we can fix them
  3. Pros/Cons: What is good about this energy resource? What is bad?

Tuesday 12/08/2015 – Research your topic, brainstorm

Wednesday 12/09/2015 – Rough draft

Today you should be planning out what your poster will look like and what information will go where on it. Design it and get it approved.

Thursday 12/010/2015 – Final draft