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Non-renewable Resource Poster

A non-renewable resource is something that is limited and we cannot make any more. For this assignment you will be making a poster explaining the science behind one non-renewable resource such as petroleum, coal, natural gas, unconventional gas/oil (fracking, tar sands), hydroelectric, fresh water, rare minerals, or metal ores. Include at least one illustration and be sure to use academic vocabulary.

Questions your poster should answer:

  1. What is your resource and what is it made of?
  2. What do humans use this resource for? Energy? Building material?
  3. How is this resource extracted (taken out) of the Earth?
  4. Where is the resource located on Earth? Do all countries have it, or only some?
  5. What are the consequences of using this resource? Does it contribute to global warming? Will it contribute to social problems? How?

Here is how this assignment will be graded:

Brainstorming = 10%

Research and facts = 10%

Rough draft = 20%

Final draft = 60%