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American Dream or American Nightmare?

CLO: SWBAT… discuss their perspective on the concept of “coming of age” and relate to their peers through persuasive writing and oral expression.
CLO: SWBAT… Analyze and discuss how DICTION, IMAGERY, and SYNTAX comprise the literary concept of VOICE.

2 Pac “Panther Power” -American Dream

How does Tupac feel about the American Dream? What is his overall tone/mood towards it? (write down specific lyrics-when he refers to it) ( Listen to Panther Power)


2. American Dreams Contrasting Charts (work in groups of three or four) Complete this chart
Tupac’s American Dream Beliefs
My American Dream Beliefs Elis Island Immigrant AD Beliefs

Outlook: Hypocritical…because to graduate More Freedoms/Job Opportunities
Hopes: to go to college
Obtainable: Not for African Americans-
“locked up, keep my ass in shackles
All they gave me… is slavery”
(use evidence from song)
Exit: In your opinion, is the American Dream a realistic, obtainable that everyone can achieve or do you believe it’s only meant for some people to achieve as it’s a giant, ‘Hypocritical’ Government Lie as Tupac seems to think. Explain why or why not-use textual evidence to support your opinion.