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Group Research Project:

As a group you will research one area on Earth with considerable Geologic activity. Your group will create a project to demonstrate your knowledge of that area. This can be a small poster, an essay, song, poem, Prezi/PowerPoint, or any other project you want.

1. Choose a location where there are Earthquakes and/or Volcanoes

2. Figure out what type of plate boundary it is on

3. Research the history of the area

4. Create a project to demonstrate your learning.


Some example questions that you can answer to get you started:

-What type of plate boundary is it on? Explain how this boundary works.

-What are the names of the plates are interacting? What type of interaction is it?

-What natural disasters have occurred there? When was the last Earthquake/Volcanic Eruption? How big was it?

-When will the next natural disaster occur?