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Water Conservation Project: Land Use Planning

You and a partner will choose one location on Earth and examine its water resources. You will make a brochure outlining the water situation and how residents can maximize their water usage. First you will educate the citizen about the current water resources, and then outline ways they can help to save water.
1. Begin by choosing a location.
2. Research where residents get their water from.
3. Outline the future water problems in the community.
4. Outline a water conservation program for that area.

Some questions to think about and answer:
-Is water scarce? Is it polluted?
-Where does the water come from? Is it desalinated ocean water? Does it come from distant aquifers? Rivers? Lakes?
-How can water be used more efficiently? How can it be saved? Who should restrict their water use? Who should have access to the water?
-Is water a human right or a commodity? How much should it cost given the environmental degradation?

You will present your findings in a brochure or other format. This will outline the major problems the community is facing and present some solutions to the problems.