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Today you will be researching homeostasis. Homeostasis is the ability of a system to regulate variables in order to maintain a relatively stable internal environment. In other words, homeostasis means keeping a balance.

I would like you to find two examples of homeostasis and learn about them. The first type of homeostasis that I would like you to research is that of an organism. Examples include Ph balance, glucose levels, and temperature.

1. Choose an organism.

2. Find out what conditions it likes and why.

3. Give one example of how the organism responds to external stimulus to maintain its internal conditions.

4. Present your information on paper. Include a sketch/illustration.

Next repeat your research but instead of an organism, you will look for homeostasis/balance in Yellowstone National Park. Find out what conditions are necessary for Yellowstone to remain in a healthy balance. You should explain what stimulus could change the ecosystem, and how the ecosystem responds to maintain its balance. In order to do this, you will talk about wolf and elk populations, for example.

In summary, you will find two examples of homeostasis, one for an organism and the other for Yellowstone, and present your information on paper in whatever way you choose.