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Excel Graf


Art education is much more that creating pictures. Learning how to develop, fine tune and build upon a sense of creativity can help our youth become successful in a variety of fields both within and outside the art world.

Students enrolled in Excel Academy’s visual art classes will be exposed to a variety of techniques and artists from multiple cultures that will help them develop a critical lens, the ability to see from multiple perspectives and to think outside of the box. The assigned projects will encourage the students to practice patience, develop & fine-tune motor skills, allow them a low-risk opportunity to experiment and take chances.

Visual Art classes revolve around two key concepts; Elements of Art (line, shape, color, value, form, texture and space) and the Principles of Design (balance, contrast, emphasis, movement, pattern, rhythm and unity). Students are encourage to use a variety of mediums (drawing, painting, sculpting, collaging, stenciling, etc.) in their exploration of these two concepts.

Students are also encouraged to bring their own interests and cultures to the table during the creative process. A majority of projects revolve around the emerging movement of Street Art. Students are asked to consider, among many other concepts, the debate of art vs. vandalism in graffiti and question the media & advertising’s role in popular culture and consumption. Finally, it is my goal to expose students to careers in the art field, realize the monetary benefits associated with being creative and to notice the opportunity to succeed in a career in the creative field.