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Algebra 1

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Algebra Unit 2 Linear Equations

Unit 2 Overview - Linear Equation ? write recursive routines emphasizing start plus change ? study rate of change (SLOPE) ? learn to write equations for lines using a starting value (y-intercept) and a rate of change (SLOPE) ? use equations and tables to graph lines ?...

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Algebra Unit 1 Proportion’s

Unit 1 Overview - Proportions Direct Variation Inverse Variation Algebraic expressions using Orders of Operations   Proportions A proportion is an equation stating that two ratios are equal. For example, 2/3 = 8/12 is a proportion. Real World Application -...

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Welcome to Melton’s Algebra Class

In Algebra class students will be expected to analyze, interpret, solve, and justify: Proportions, Linear Equations, Graph linear models form real world situation, Systems of Equations, Exponential Growth and decay, Functions and Transformation, and Quadratics....

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