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Marginalized National Hero-The Incredible True Story of Private Desmond Doss (Hacksaw Ridge)

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes and various cultural backgrounds. However, what makes this particular Hero a truly Incredible Story is that he didn’t let his personal beliefs hold him back from Serving his Country in a time of need.
-A man of great personal conviction, he Never Fired a Shot or even carried a gun into battle. As Private Doss was a “Conscientious Objector” a man who believed violence was never justified even during war. Despite these steadfast beliefs, Private Doss enlisted as an army medic during World War II and was personally responsible for pulling out/saving over 72 wounded soldiers from the field of battle. For that feat he was awarded the United States Highest Military Honor-THE MEDAL OF HONOR.
Why hasn’t his story been told before?
What qualities makes Doss a Hero, how do you think he viewed citizenship and patriotism?

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