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Midterm Review

Do Now: Review for Midterm Put the following stages of the star's life in order: 1. Small Star (low mass): White Dwarf, Nebula, Planetary Nebula, Main Sequence, Red Giant, Protostar 2. Large Star (high mass): Supernova, Black Hole, Main Sequence, Supergiant, Nebula,...

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Global Warming Videos

Global Warming and its Effects Climate Science: Global Warming or Climate Change? 10 Effects of Global Warming:...

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Syria’s Climate Conflict

The following articles explain how climate change has escalated the Syrian crises by contributing to drought in the region:

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The Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming (11/16/2015)

Earth's Energy Budget and the Greenhouse Effect Analyze Figure 2 on Page E50. Discuss it with the people at your table. What does it explain? What do you find surprising or interesting? What does the red writing represent in Figure 2? The purple? The green? As a...

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Astronomy Essay

Background Information The writing process is how we translate ideas into written text. Writing involves having something to say, someone to say it to, language to express it, and a knowledge of standard ways of getting language down on paper. Students need to be able...

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Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram

CLO: Students will analyze and explain star types and magnitude in academic language, both orally and in writing. Students will have an understanding of the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram and compare and contrast various stars....

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Astronomy Calendar

Semester #2   Week 1: Astronomy 10/26 - Introduction/Procedures CLO: learn and practice Mr. Eschbach's classroom expectations Lesson: two truths and a lie, expectations Activity: pass out notebooks, syllabus, pencil -set up notebooks Exit Ticket: What should you...

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Earth Science Final Review Concepts

Coriolis Effect, Riptide, Great Ocean Conveyor Belt Nebula Theory, Solar System Formation, Nuclear Fusion Greenhouse Effect, Global Warming, Carbon Sink Star Life Cycle - White Dwarf, Supergiant, black hole Ocean Currents - temperature, salinity, density,...

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Earth Science Project: Saving Water

Water Conservation Project: Land Use Planning You and a partner will choose one location on Earth and examine its water resources. You will make a brochure outlining the water situation and how residents can maximize their water usage. First you will educate the...

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