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Final Exam Review

Final Exam Review Topics: Earth Science, Semester #2 Astronomy life cycle of stars star classification nebula theory Hertzsprung-Russell diagram magnitude absolute apparent key vocabulary: nuclear fusion, equilibrium, nebula, luminosity, Energy global warming and...

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Sustainability Project

What does it mean to live sustainably? What is sustainability? Put simply, it is our ability to sustain ourselves! This means living in a way that we do not use all the resources on planet Earth so we can continue to live into the future. There are many ways to live...

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Rainwater: Greywater:\ Passive Solar: Permaculture:

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Nonrenewable Energy Resource Informational Poster

For this assignment, you and your group will make an informational poster detailing one nonrenewable energy resource. This will be a small poster someone could read to help them understand a fossil fuel like coal, petroleum, or natural gas. Things to include in your...

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Energy Resources

Energy Resources: Nonrenewable Energy: Renewable Energy:...

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Non-renewable Resource Poster

Non-renewable Resource Poster A non-renewable resource is something that is limited and we cannot make any more. For this assignment you will be making a poster explaining the science behind one non-renewable resource such as petroleum, coal, natural gas,...

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